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What to Expect


Hello, this is Dr Riner. Let’s consider this our first consultation! I'm not here to sell you a bunch of adjustments, exercises, synthetic vitamins that don’t work or use vitamin protocols based on a condition you might have. Example: Patient has low thyroid, so that must mean they need the same four vitamins as the last low thyroid person. That system works about half the time. I’m not here to get half my patients better. I have spent thousand of hours learning how to read the body on what it wants to be healthy, and when the patient follows their specific program they get better almost every time! When they don’t want to follow it or think it cant be something that simple causing all these problems they don’t get better! What I do can look simple but its only because I have been doing it for a long time. No matter what your problem the answer could be simple or complex. Anything can cause anything and anything can fix anything. Over the past 7 years I have had the opportunity to see a lot of patients that most would consider “hard to treat". This usually means they didn’t respond to 3 adjustments a week for 12 weeks, no Rx drug works on them, they have been to several medical doctors, all their labs and thousands of dollars of tests say they are fine but the patient is in horrible shape or they show something wrong but they cant find what it takes to fix it. I have tried adjusting patients with special techniques only, nutrition only, some emotional work only, sometimes a mix of 1 or 2 or all 3. What I found was ALL 3 have to be done on every patient to get the fastest results, long lasting results that truly rebuilds the bodies organs and cells. The body’s “innate" or "life force" or "Qi" that God has given us is what does all the healing. I simply remove the obstacles, so it can heal itself.

It doesn’t matter what condition you come in with. There is a chance I can help your whole body become better! All conditions mean the body is out of balance somewhere and when you bring the body back to balance in a natural way a lot of conditions go away as a side effect. Imagine side effects that are actually beneficial like weight loss, more concentration, more energy through out the day, better hair, skin, nails, better attitude, happier with life to name a few.

First visit expect to be given a nutrition examination to asses your organs and cell health no matter what your condition! This the single most important step, without this nothing holds into place long term. Yes that means patients that just have painful joints, low back, neck pain, etc., for men a low energy prostate gives joints pains all over, for women thyroid problems can give you neck/shoulder and low back pain and the adjustments will NOT hold until we balance the organ. You will be given whole food vitamins or vitamins that are specific for your own bodies conditions.

If we have time after this we will check your structural and/or emotional problems that come up.


Nutrition Follow Up recommendations

  • Once a week for 4-6 weeks. Your pill amounts and what pills you need often change weekly as the organ/cells starts to heal.
  • Twice a month for the next 6-12 weeks. The pill amounts and what you need is starting to be more consistent or the area is healed and new areas want help.

Adjustment Follow Ups

  • Normally I would see a patient once a week for chronic pain for the first month or two and then once every 2-4 weeks as we iron everything out.
  • Patients in acute pain, “I just slipped and hurt myself” or “my back just went out”, these situations need to be seen more often. Usually twice a week for 2-3 weeks.
  • During the Adjustment Follow Ups we will do structural work and emotional work. Whatever layer the body would like to fix that day!

Get both at the same time! Sign up for 30 minute follow ups for the first 4-6 weeks and we will check nutrition first and then give adjustment. 6-12 weeks sign up for 20 minute follow ups. After that most people just need tune ups once every 3-5 weeks.

A Matrix Repatterning Session

Our Connected Bodies

Your body is one continuous piece of fabric. What happens in one part will affect the entirety. We’ll scan your body looking for a lack of electrical conduction that will indicate an injury. Dr. Alison can use her hands or microcurrents to do so, which is called therapy localization. Your body will tell us where the injury is and what to do to release the energy of impact from your body.

A Precise, Customized Technique

The specific diagnostic properties of this technique allow us to give you treatment customized to your body’s needs. The history of injuries to your body is unique to you and with Matrix Repatterning, each treatment will be tailored to your needs according to the information your body supplies! Your body will tell us what to do, and we listen to know how to treat.

Gentle and Balancing Care

This extremely gentle technique has no thrusting or quick movements. It’s a placement of hands in a strategic way to allow the energy of impact to release. Once that energy is released, the body will integrate and rebalance. That’s where we start from the next time. Most clients typically see great success with this technique.

What to Expect from a KST adjustment?

This is a sample of how an adjustment goes.

First Step

Challenging, is part of the analysis procedure. In a relatively short period of time the entire structural system can be checked: skull, spine, discs, hips, ribs, sternum, shoulders, arms, legs, hands, feet – anything that is out of position can be analyzed.

Second Step

Checking, tells me if the body part is in its proper position. The base of the skull is used as a yes/no device.

Thus we have a binary or yes/no system telling us if an area needs or does not need to be corrected or adjusted. This system is akin to muscle testing (applied kinesiology or AK) wherein a muscle will become weak when confronted with a negative impulse.

Third Step

ArthroStim™ Correcting. When an adjustment is needed the area is corrected using the Arthrostim™ adjusting instrument.

The ArthroStim™ is an FDA approved instrument developed by IMPAC, Inc. in Oregon. It has been continuously refined and perfected over its 22-year history. It introduces energy/force/information to the body to realign segments and removes nerve pressure at a speed of 12 “taps” per second (12 hertz); it is a fast, accurate, low force and controlled adjustment.

The ArthroStim™ gives patients a very specific adjustment, meaning that only the segment that is out of position is adjusted; there is no twisting, turning or cracking of joints. This technique permits adjusting in different postures.

This is very important because sometimes a problem can only be reproduced in a certain position. For example, a driver in a car accident (sitting) may not reveal their spinal damage or subluxations when standing; therefore they must be analyzed and corrected in the seated position. This is especially noticeable with people who suffer pain, neurological problems, TMJ and other conditions.

Adjusting people in the standing position has the added benefit of working with gravity. I don’t have to say, “OK, please stand up and see how you feel” because the patient is already standing. Their body can process the adjustment or correction immediately.

How Should a Patient Feel?

Most people report a feeling of ease, relaxation and well-being as their structural nerve stress (subluxations) releases/diminishes. Some people feel very relaxed and they should listen to their body, go home and sleep if at all possible.

The next day some people feel as if they’ve had a good workout, often in places they never knew they had. This is usually felt only after the first adjustment, is temporary and usually disappears within a short time.


People have many layers. After the correction of what the body is showing at the time, older injuries, older distortions, older subluxations and older symptoms (both physical and emotional) may surface to release. The release and healing of old injuries is known as “retracing” and is usually part of the healing process.

On occasion patients have reported “cleansing” symptoms such as diarrhea, pus, mucus, headache, fever, etc. as toxins leave the body. These symptoms are usually temporary. It is helpful to be told if unusual symptoms arise. These symptoms may take the form of emotional releases: old memories coming up or unusual dreams.

Sometimes an area is so weak and the distortion so extensive that a segment put in place may not stay in position and may need correcting again.