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The fastest way to book an appointment is to schedule online, The online schedule and email is Dr. Riner's front desk person. If you would like to call, that is perfectly fine, you will have to leave a message and Dr. Riner will call you back when he is not with patients. The call back is usually the end of the day between 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.

New Patients

  • Click the Book Now button below and schedule accordingly.
  • If you have blue cross blue shield and have met your IN network deductible or have a copay for chiropractic services schedule the New Patient Exam CoIns/copay option
  • If you have any other insurance and have met your OUT OF NETWORK deductible please schedule the New Patient Exam CoIns/Copay option
  • Deductible NOT MET then you will schedule the SELF PAY options until your deductible has been met.
  • NO INSURANCE, or over the age of 65 then you will schedule the Self Pay options.
  • Medicare - The services provided for 65 years and older patients are not approved by Medicare and would be no different than you paying for a massage or pedicure. Please pick the Self Pay options.
  • SELF PAY options are prepaid at time of scheduling to speed up the check out time so Dr. Riner can stay on time and spend more time adjusting rather than checking you out.
  • If you want to check your insurance coverage or if your deductible has been met please fill out the new patient paperwork online and fill out your insurance information and then email Dr. Riner to check your insurance coverage. Or you can email your insurance information to Dr. Riner, he'll need the insurance company, name on insurance card with date of birth, name of person wanting coverage with date of birth, i.d. number, and group number.
  • If you did not check your insurance coverage before signing up then in the notes section of scheduling please put your insurance information for chiropractic services (i.d.#, group #, name on insurance card and date of birth for name on insurance card, and then date of birth for you if its different)
  • Visit the New Patient Area to fill out paper work online. Fill out New Patient Forms before you get to the office.
  • Forms for all offices are the same even though different services maybe offered.
  • Forms must be completed online before coming to visit.
  • If filling out multiple new patient forms with same last name. Please complete the process one patient at a time, and choose a pin that is not the same four numbers in a row. ex. 2222 3333 4444. Those are not acceptable pin numbers and the systyem will not let you proceed. You'll get an invalid pin response.

Existing Patients

  • Just click the Book Now button and schedule Self Pay options for NO insurance or meeting a deductible OR the coins/copay 30 minute visit options if you have met your deductible or have Blue Cross copay for chiropractic services.
  • In the notes section it will ask again for insurance information. You don't have to enter it twice. Just type in something nice.


Dr. Riner visits are very in depth and unlike anything you have ever received before, the techniques used unlock your bodies ability to heal itself and hold adjustments longer. You will need fewer adjustments than a normal chiropractor and lots of people feel amazing after the first visit. Many patients that have received regular chiropractic adjustments in the past say it's like getting 10-15 adjustments in just one visit! This is not a 3-5 minute adjustment. You are with Dr. Riner the entire visit. The average price for a 3-5 minute adjustment in DFW metroplex is $45 to $75, and most charge extra for cold laser light therapy ($20 to $30). Dr. Riner uses cold laser light therapy on every visit and it is included in the price.

Self Pay

  • New Patient Exam 80 minutes = $199.00
  • 10 minute follow up visit = $52.00
  • 20 minute follow up visit = $70.00
  • 30 minute follow up visit = $90.00

Allergy Elimination Technique

  • One Allergy Category Elimination = $70.00
  • Packages Available

Nutrition Specific

  • 60 minute Exam = $150.00
  • 20 minute follow up = $52.00
  • Does not include vitamins

Emotional Specific

  • Evox Emotional Session 40 minute = $110.00